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        welcome to Foshan Sentai Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.

        Company team construction management is very important, any a business cannot be done by a person independent, so no matter from the place of business of this small team construction to the company's big team construction, strengthen the team construction and management have an alternative.In order to strengthen the team building and management, the company does the following:

        First, the head of the department should pay attention to the improvement of his own accomplishment, and make the team construction and management "head".

        The head of each department should be responsible for the realization of the objectives of the department and lead the team to make progress together.He is both a manager and a performer;As the development of the work plan and the leader of the implementation plan, as the "head" of the team, the individual quality plays a crucial role.To be the leader of this team, it is not only fair and objective to treat everything and everyone in the business, but also to improve their own quality.

        Second, build team spirit and establish a clear common goal

        To build team spirit, firstly, we should put forward the team goal, grasp the target management, and without the goal, the team will lose its direction., therefore, to establish a clear goal and target decomposition, through group discussion, learning at the same time, make every unit, every one of us know this unit or his responsibilities, should strive to direction, this is team to form resultant force, interest makes toward one place.

        3. Grasp the standard, grasp the execution, and create a positive and enterprising working atmosphere

        An important indicator of whether a company is on the right track is whether the system or process is understood, familiar, mastered and executed by employees of the company, and whether there is supervision and safeguards.To familiarize employees with all kinds of systems and processes, not only to ensure the quality of work, but also to meet the long-term development of the company and the rapid growth of employees.Facts have proven that does not have a complete and practical system of science, management and employee behavior cannot be institutionalized, standardization, procedural, there will be disorder and chaos, won't produce orderly, disciplined team.Therefore, to start from our small team, we should use all kinds of forms to strengthen our learning and grasp the execution force.

        4. Activate team building with effective communication and establish a good working atmosphere

        Communication is a very important work to maintain the integrity of team building and can be said to be an art.If discipline is the hard and hard way to maintain a team, communication is the soft measure of the team's integrity. It is the invisible bond and lubricant of the team.Communication can enable the team to build up the situation, to promote the understanding of each other;It can eliminate the tension and estrangement inside the staff, so as to relax the spirit and create a good working atmosphere.Therefore, as each unit must be kept within the team up and down, left and right sides, head of the various channels of communication open, to help boost the morale of the team internal, for all the work to create "and" environment.

        Fifth, use good appraisal incentive mechanism, stimulate employee progress ceaselessly

        Performance appraisal is a kind of stimulation and inspection.It not only examine each team member's work, is also to the team members to declare the company's value orientation, advocacy, against what, so it is also related to the survival and development of team.

        "Modern business is not just a business for bosses and subordinates, but a team," says Peter drucker, a noted management guru.We should take effective and effective measures to ensure the team building and the strength of the team to promote the continuous development of the company.