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        welcome to Foshan Sentai Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.

        The purpose of the company: keep abreast with The Times, strive for first class, people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation.

        The core concept: humanistic care, quality service.

        The management state: let the sincerity become a kind of accomplishment, let the smile become a language, let the service become a kind of emotion, let the quality become a habit.

        The idea of service: to take the society as the first, service leading, create the brand.

        Service principles: innovation, details, affinity and promotion.

        Objective: to strengthen the industry leading position and create a model of intelligent manufacturing.

        Management mode: specialization, standardization, scale, intelligent development mode

        Quality policy: scientific management, civilized service, high quality and efficient, sustainable development.

        Company orientation: to build a standardized and standardized high-end machinery manufacturing enterprise.

        The direction of development: through scientific and technological innovation, market competition and capital operation, improve its comprehensive strength;

        Continue to socialize, professional development path, through resource integration, intelligent manufacturing, generation scale effect;

        Relying on modern management methods and high-quality talents, we will create independent brands and push the level of enterprise management to a new level.