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        welcome to Foshan Sentai Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.

        We should cherish the philosophy of talents.

        Talent is the precious wealth of the enterprise, and managers at all levels must cherish talent and not be jealous of the good.Even if the manager himself is a remarkable talent, if he doesn't have a few talented people and a large number of cadres, it is difficult for him to accomplish great things.

        Have a thirst for ideas.

        Love is not the heart, but the thirst for it.From the group, talent is rare.It is a talent, a talent, and a natural one.Not many people are drowned out in the vast majority of people, which requires the manager's assiduous effort to get it.

        The cultivation and management of key talents.

        Key talents are our core and representatives, our soul and backbone.No matter the size of the company, regardless of the ownership structure, such a core staff must be possessed.Under the condition of market economy, the competition between the enterprises in the end will be the key talent competition, the core talented person's quantity and quality, determines the company's core competitiveness, determines the survival and development of the company.

        Be tolerant of talents.

        It is not easy to use, but even harder.The talent has the director, also must be short, and often is the advantage the more prominent, its shortcoming also is outstanding.Pride is the disease of talent.The great talent is usually informal, the other is even eccentric, and there are often conflicts between talent and talent.

        We should have the virtue of recommending talents.

        Managers should have the virtue of recommending talents.A person who is not fit for a job is an unstable factor, and even if he is submissive, he does not show his unmet emotions, but "something is wrong and someone is singing".People will consciously or unconsciously compare talents with managers, and reduce the authority of managers.

        Establish the mechanism of personnel training

        To have talents, we need to cultivate talents. Haier, lenovo, huawei and mengniu are among the top talents.Why are they?Is it because of their system?Every company has a system. Why don't other companies succeed?Is it because of their leadership?A leader has a lot of work, how much time to train talent, and how many talents?Lady teacher hu said, in fact, these outstanding leaders of all is to create a good environment of enterprise, create a benign enterprise atmosphere, the environment and atmosphere spawned a talent of the enterprise.

        Have an eye for talent.

        If the manager doesn't have an eye, the talent will be missed.You must see the essence.It is a fundamental way to identify the essence of talent.Be good at identifying different types of talent.Every man has his talent, but he can have the size and direction.

        Ability to harness talent.

        If managers are good at driving talent, leadership will be twice as effective.Training lecturer hu monogamy believes that the manager's talents are not necessarily better than others, but he must have a superior talent.

        Have the courage to protect the talent.

        The spirit of the protection is not only the manager's "talent", but also the "virtue" of the manager.Managers should prevent "killing" talent and "killing" talent.No one is perfect, even the talented person can make mistakes, and mistakes are inevitable in the work, especially in the process of exploration.