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        welcome to Foshan Sentai Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.

        Warmly celebrate the opening of the marketing website of foshan sentai machinery mould co., LTD

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        Warmly celebrate the foshan sen tai mechanical mould co., LTD. Marketing type site in state science and technology co., LTD., under the technical support of the smooth opening, foshan sen tai machinery mold co., LTD., formerly known as tai machinery factory, founded in 2006, the south China sea sen company production base is located in national high-tech industry base, nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong province.Is the domestic first-class domestic glass production machinery equipment production enterprise, the company is scientific research, production, trade as one of the modern enterprise.The company has more than 50 cooperative enterprises, and has many sales organizations and after-sales service outlets nationwide.In household glass machinery manufacturing company in the domestic industry leading level, with many national invention patent technology, from product development manufacture to manufacture, can be fully detailed in accordance with the requirements of the customers, provide perfect products and quality service.