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        welcome to Foshan Sentai Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.

        Do you know what a glass press is?

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        Compressor is glass and glass manufacturing industry machinery industry the most commonly used word, also some people call it glassware pressing forming machine, glass forming machine, glassware pressing machine, forming machine, press press, glass vessels, etc.

        Craft of glassware

        When it comes to glass presses, it is necessary to mention its position in the whole glassware manufacturing process.

        Glassware manufacturing process

        The feeding of the ingredients is used to form and polish annealing (toughening).

        The glass press belongs to the forming section, which determines the product produced by the whole production line.It is also the carrier of mould in the process of manufacture of glassware.It is in this process that we change the magic of the amorphous glass into all kinds of kaleidoscopic glassware, containers, industrial supplies, or works of art.

        Glass forming process

        Glass forming is very important in the glass manufacturing process, molding process including blowing to suppress blow pressure swing system, general small mouth bottles, such as bottles, flask) is blown out, most open vessel (drinking glass, glass insulator) is pressed out, some members of the opposite sex glass products need to wind pressure.And dump is to make some thin plate of operation craft.Because the product application that presses molding is more widespread, and the pressing technology is relatively mature, the industrialization degree is high.It is said that the pressing process takes up a large proportion in glass forming process, so the glass press has been developed greatly after being introduced into China.